How we worship

Our Services

Schedule of Services

All Services in English unless otherwise noted

6:00PM Great Vespers, Confessions

9:30AM Hours, Divine Liturgy, Church School, Fellowship Hour [English]
11:30AM Hours, Divine Liturgy, Church School, Fellowship Hour [Church Slavonic/English]

Eves of Great Feasts falling on work days
7:30PM Great Vespers

Mornings of Great Feasts falling on work days
10:00AM Divine Liturgy, Potluck Luncheon

Wednesday Mornings in Great Lent
10:00AM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Friday Evenings in Great Lent
7:30PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, Lenten Potluck

Offered one-half hour before all Liturgies; after Saturday evening Great Vespers, and by appointment.


Please call the Rectory at (708) 519-0663 for schedule of other services or to arrange Baptisms, Marriages, Memorials, Thanksgiving Services, etc.

The Divine Liturgy

This is the Eucharistic service of the Orthodox Church, served every Sunday and on select feast days. Communion is available for Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves with prayer, recent confession, and fasting from midnight. Our second Sunday liturgy is mostly in Church Slavonic, with some English.


Served on Saturday evening or on the eves of feasts, in Vespers we hear more hymns of the Resurrection of Our Lord or about the feast/saint being remembered than at the Divine Liturgy. Attending Vespers is an excellent way to prepare for the Divine Liturgy.


The sacrament of Confession is an opportunity for Orthodox Christians to bring their hurts, falls, and sins before the Lord, to repent of those sins, and receive healing from the great Physician of souls and bodies, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Confession is available after Vespers and, during Great Lent, before the Divine Liturgy.