Fr. Joe just rediscovered a series of ten lessons on the Bible that Fr. John Matusiak of blessed memory, our founding priest, put together. This first Home Bible Study explores what Jesus actually says about Himself in Scripture.

Our faith is rooted in God’s revelation to humankind: “God is the Lord and has revealed Himself to us” [Psalm 118:26].

Jesus Christ is:

one person Who possesses
two separate and distinct natures, divine and human [John 1:1-3, 14-18].
• He is the second person of the Holy Trinity, the only begotten Son of God, equal in His divinity yet separate personally from the Father and the Holy Spirit.
• the final and perfect revelation of God to the world.

Download the attachment below to explore select Scripture passages which answer the question of what Jesus actually says about Himself.

Bible Study Section 1